Advanced PMDD Technology

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Elegance + performance. It’s how Goldwind is shaping the new standard in wind technology with advanced permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) turbines. Our specialised German-engineered PMDD wind turbines are built with the elegant simplicity to deliver powerful energy solutions in diverse operating conditions.


The gearless advantage. By eliminating a failure-prone gearbox, PMDD technology requires fewer components with only one moving part in the drivetrain, further reducing the lifetime maintenance costs of the turbine. The end result is less downtime, meaning an overall increase in turbine availability and increased energy production.

Cost savings over the life of wind power asset. Our turbines offer lower lifetime maintenance costs and shorter planned service cycles than traditional doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) configurations. As a result of our passive and modular components, the absence of a gearbox, and an innovative pitch control system, our turbines offer improved reliability relative to our competition. Elimination of down-time and replacements associated with gearboxes provides significant cost-of-ownership reductions throughout the life span of a direct-drive turbine.

  • Eliminates failure of gearboxes
  • Eliminates gearbox energy losses
  • Reduces number of required parts by up to 50%
  • Better fault ride through/zero power requirement to energize
  • Eliminates secondary winding losses
  • Eliminates slip rings and associated maintenance
  • More control and operational flexibility
  • Meets advanced grid codes and requirements

Permanent Magnets. A permanent magnet generator further boosts Goldwind’s advantage. Eliminating the need for rotor windings, slip rings, brushes, and associated maintenance makes the turbine more reliable than machine running on wound rotor excitation technology.

High power generating efficiency. Permanent magnet direct-drive (PMDD) turbine generators avoid rotor winding losses and mechanical energy losses associated with gearboxes and couplings. The full power converter provides the flexibility to optimise rotational speed for maximum mechanical energy transformation.

Compliance with demanding grid requirements. Full power conversion means superior electrical grid characteristics.