Goldwind Australia

Established in 2009, Goldwind Australia offers comprehensive wind power solutions, including investment, construction, and operational and maintenance services.

Goldwind Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Goldwind Science & Technology; a leading vertically integrated global wind power company offering comprehensive wind power solutions.


Goldwind, established in 1998, is an international enterprise specializing in wind turbine generators, R&D and manufacturing of its innovative leading edge wind turbine technology; PMDD. In 2007, Goldwind undertook an initial public offering and listing of A Shares on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE:002202). In 2010, the company listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HK Stock Code: 2208). For Goldwind corporate updates, please see here.

As a leading comprehensive wind power solutions provider in China and abroad, Goldwind continues to compete with a strategy for long-term development, prioritizing product quality and seeking to meet varied demands of all our customers.  In April 2023, the Group’s accumulated installed capacity exceeded 100GW comprising over 47,000 units of installed WTGs worldwide.

Goldwind International was formed in Hong Kong in January 2011 with HK$20 million in capital. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Goldwind International consists of 7 regional centers:  Goldwind Australia, Goldwind America, Goldwind South America, Goldwind Asia, Goldwind Europe and Goldwind Africa to consistently offer intergrated solutions for meeting the various challenges and requirements to the global market.


Being a global leader in clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection solutions.

As Goldwind integrates into the global economy, we are seeking a larger stage and more resources to continue growing and developing. Goldwind strives to use its own innovations and activities to effectively integrate resources on a global scale in order to provide clean energy, energy efficiency, and environmental protection solutions worldwide.

Mission – Innovating for a brighter tomorrow

Commitment to Technical Expertise and Quality. Through our extensive global network of companies and the longevity of our energy and finance professionals, Goldwind Australia offers a comprehensive menu of services including R&D, project development, turbine manufacturing, project management and after-sales services – we are focused yet integrated. To ensure the highest quality of our products at all times, we are dedicated to expand and leverage our technical expertise internationally.

Commitment to Global Innovation for a Brighter Future. Building upon our strong foundation rooted in wind power solutions and permanent magnetic direct-drive expertise, we continue to explore the potential to combine wind power with other forms of renewable energy. This includes the pursuit and development of wind and solar power generation, smart micro-grids, energy savings, and technical and operational solutions. Providing clean, cost efficient renewable energy is an urgent, global imperative. Goldwind is dedicated to furthering the most advanced and cost-efficient wind power projects, continually raising the bar through a steadfast commitment to innovation.

Commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment. Goldwind Australia is committed to the development of sustainable and balanced environmental projects across a wide suite of portfolios and services, and the provision of a safe and healthy work environment for all workers, contractors and visitors. The management team have strived for the establishment of an integrated management system that underpins the range of services provided and has undergone external third party assessment and certification to internationally recognised standards.

Goldwind has been recognised for its pioneering work around the world

  • Awarded the Cross- Border Investment Award at the 24th Annual AustCham Westpac Australia-China Business Awards
  • Twice selected as one of MIT Technology Review’s 50 Most Innovative Companies
  • Placed 3rd in the Most Innovative Chinese company category by Fast Company
  • One of Intellectual Asset Management’s Intellectual Property Champions of China (IAM magazine)
  • 2011 African Wind Project of the Year awarded to Goldwind’s Adama Wind Farm in Ethiopia by Terrapinn
  • 2013 Goldwind is ranked in the Top-500 New Energy Companies by the China Institute of Energy Economics
  • Chinese Government’s Pioneer Enterprise of National Quality Control Award

Goldwind Australia is a signatory to the CEC Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Projects.

2023 APCO Annual Report and Action Plan 

Whistleblower Policy