Bannister Hall Purchase a Benefit for the Community

Gullen Range Wind Farm

15 December 2015

Bannister District Hall Association has purchased Bannister Hall to use as a community facility for the residents of Bannister, with Gullen Range Wind Farm (GRWF) providing the funds required to purchase the property.

Association members Ken and Liz Ikin said the purchase of the hall was a benefit for the residents of Bannister.

“The purchase of this hall is of great benefit to our community. We have elected a committee to look after the running of the business side of the Hall, and regular meetings will be held to keep the Community in touch with what is happening,” Mr Ikin said.

“This hall will be used to accommodate meetings for the Bushfire Brigade, Land Care, young mothers, exercise classes and social events. We are already planning our first event, which will hopefully be the inaugural Christmas Carols on December 22.

“Having the hall will also benefit our community with the “Are you OK?” campaign, which keeps residents in touch with each other, especially during difficult times, as experienced by people in our community.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gullen Range Wind Farm for the purchase of this hall back into our Community.”

In addition to the Association and community events, the Rural Fire Service will rehouse the Bannister Tanker on this site.

GRWF Community Engagement Manager Clare Powell said Gullen Range Wind Farm was delighted to have assisted Bannister District Hall Association with the purchase of the Hall.

“I look forward to hearing of the many worthwhile events the hall is used for by the local community, as well as by the Rural Fire Service. The Rural Fire Service provides an essential service in the local area and one which GRWF wholeheartedly supports,” Mrs Powell said.

The landmark property still has the original hall area with timber flooring, as well as a workshop and other facilities which will prove useful for groups using the hall. The rear of the property contains bedrooms, a lounge room, a kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The funds provided by GRWF for the purchase of the property are separate and additional to the Community Enhancement Program, which will begin following the completion of construction and commissioning of the turbines.

The Community Enhancement Program is split between two schemes: the Community Fund and the Clean Energy Program, and amounts to $131,700 per annum.