Gullen Range Wind Farm

19 December 2012

Civil & Allied Technical Construction (CATCON) are pleased to announce the award of civil works for the Gullen Range Wind Farm including the design and construction of, roads, hard stands, concrete foundations and operations and maintenance facilities.

Works commenced in October on the construction phase of the Gullen Range Wind Farm, located approximately 20km West of Goulburn, NSW. The project will consist of 56 2.5 MW and 17 1.5 MW Goldwind Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) turbines with an installed capacity of 165.5 megawatts, generating enough renewable energy to power 73,500 homes.

The Gullen Range Wind Farm will be built by Gullen Range Wind Farm Pty Ltd using Goldwind turbine technology. Parties involved in the construction are Goldwind and CATCON/Consolidated Power Projects (CPP). The civil works component will consist of approximately 40km of access road works and approximately 24,000m3of concrete to turbine foundations (gravity and rock anchor).
The Gullen Range Wind Farm Project is a significant project for CATCON’s expanding portfolio of renewable energy projects inAustralia.

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Joint Venture CATCON and CPP

Joint Media Release by Transgrid and Goldwind

28 November 2012

Goldwind is very pleased to announce the start of construction at Gullen Range Wind Farm, in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales (NSW).

The commencement of works is a significant milestone for the project, which is the second in Australia to host Goldwind’s cutting edge Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) wind turbines. These turbines feature a gearless design with low lifetime maintenance costs, high reliability and power output, and robust grid compatibility.
The Gullen Range Wind Farm will utilize both 56 2.5 MW wind turbines and 17 1.5 MW wind turbines representing a total renewable energy capacity of 165.5MW. The wind turbines were designed by Goldwind‘s seasoned global R&D team. The installation is the first to use Goldwind’s 2.5MW PMDD turbines.The 2.5 MW series represents the next generation of Goldwind’s internationally-recognized PMDD wind turbines. Over 7,000 Goldwind PMDD wind turbines representing over 10 GW of capacity have been installed and commissioned.
Goldwind Australia’s Project Management Team is overseeing the construction Gullen Range Wind Farm. The consortium of Civil & Allied Technical Construction (Catcon) and Consolidated Power Projects (CPP) were awarded the Balance of Plant (BoP) contract. Catcon is also acting as the principal contractor for the project, while TransGrid is designing and constructing the grid connection works. In June, Gullen Range Wind Farm was offered connection by TransGrid, representing the first major wind farm since early 2011 to receive a connection offer from TransGrid.
Locally-sourced products and services include:

  • Civil, electrical and crane site works
  • Local supply of 17 x 85m wind turbine towers
  •  Construction of the 330kV grid connection assets; and
  • Local logistics services and a number of engineering support services for the project.

“Most of the wind farm construction activities will be completed by the end of 2013 with the connection due to be completed in December 2013. This project will contribute to the cost effective achievement of the Australian Renewable Energy Target,” said John Titchen, Managing Director of Goldwind Australia.
“Goldwind entered the Australian renewable energy market in 2009 in order to contribute to the economically efficient achievement of the Australian Large Renewable Energy Target (LRET). The multi-party commitment to the RET provides confidence in the market and has provided a strong context for our investments,” John said.

“The NSW transmission network is an efficient and secure platform to connect the Goldwind Gullen
Range Wind Farm to the national grid,” said Mr Peter McIntyre, Managing Director of TransGrid. He also mentioned, “TransGrid’s connection agreement with Goldwind demonstrates our commitment to facilitate the connection of new generation into Australia’s national electricity market.”

“The energy industry is undergoing a period of significant change and transmission networks will be a key facilitator in the shift to lower emission and renewable energy generation sources,” he said.

“We are pleased to be involved with this flagship renewable energy project which will promote employment in the local region and in the long term contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions,” said Mr. John Allen, BoP Project Director of Catcon/ Consolidated Power Projects (CPP).

About TransGrid
TransGrid is the owner, operator and manager of the NSW high voltage network connecting generators, distributors and major end users in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.
TransGrid’s network includes over 12,600 kilometers of transmission line and links to Queensland and Victoria, facilitating interstate energy trading.
TransGrid’s currently connects over 4,000 Megawatts of renewable energy in NSW and is progressing applications to connect additional renewable generation to its network. For more information, please visit

About Catcon and CPP
Civil & Allied Technical Construction Pty Ltd (trading as CATCON) is a dynamic and progressive company, service-focused in outlook, professional and focused in the activities. CATCON is referred to as a tier 2 company/head contractor, with operations and projects across metro, regional and remote Australia, consistently listed in the Top 100 companies in SA, successful in numerous excellence awards and ranked as one of the leading civil construction companies in Australia.
Consolidated Power Projects Australia Pty Ltd (CPP) is an electrical engineering company that specialises in providing full turnkey high-voltage solutions for power distribution and transmission companies; industrial and mining companies and for owners and developers of renewable energy projects.
CPP offers a fully integrated service covering the entire scope of project management, detailed design, specification, procurement, on-site delivery, installation and construction, site management and testing & commissioning.

Gullen Range Wind Farm

4th July 2012

Goldwind signed a grid connection agreement with TransGrid to connect Goldwind turbines to the Australian grid. The turbines will be located at Goldwind’s Gullen Range Wind Farm in the New South Wales Southern Tablelands. This is the first project in Australia to host Goldwind’s cutting edge 2.5MW Permanent Magnet Direct Drive (PMDD) wind turbines.

“Gullen Range is Goldwind’s second windfarm in Australia and the first to use 2.5 MW PMDD wind turbines. The project now has both a Grid Connection Agreement and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). We are looking forward to energising the windfarm in late 2013,” said John Titchen, Managing Director of Goldwind Australia.

The Goldwind PMDD wind turbine has a full power converter that is highly controllable. No reactive plant will need to be installed at Gullen Range Wind Farm, which is to be connected to the TransGrid 330kV transmission network. Gullen Range is the first major wind farm since early 2011 to receive a connection agreement from TransGrid.
The 2.5MW series are developed by Goldwind‘s well-established global R&D team and the 2.5MW series is an evolution on its internationally recognized PMDD 1.5MW series which have over 6000 units commissioned.

“TransGrid’s connection agreement with Goldwind demonstrates our commitment to facilitate the connection of new generation into Australia’s national electricity market,” said Mr Peter McIntyre, Managing Director of TransGrid.
“The NSW transmission network is an efficient and secure platform to connect the Goldwind Gullen Range Wind Farm to the national grid, helping facilitate a competitive and efficient national electricity market,” said Mr McIntyre.
“The energy industry is undergoing a period of significant change and transmission networks will be a key facilitator in the shift to lower emission and renewable energy generation sources,” he said.

The Gullen Range Wind Farm will consist of 73 Goldwind PMDD turbines. Under the grid connection agreement, the wind farm can generate up to 182.5MW. Construction is planned to begin in October 2012 with the wind farm scheduled to be energised in late 2013.

Goldwind Australia

19th June 2012

Goldwind Capital Australia and CGN Wind Energy (CGNWE) are pleased to announce the completion of the sale of Mortons Lane Wind Farm in Victoria, Australia and the achievement of key project milestones, including securing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and successful installation of the first Goldwind turbines.

The Morton’s Lane project, located in Western Victoria, is the first Australian installation of Goldwind wind turbines and represents a significant step in the company’s Australian plans.

“Goldwind is very pleased that CGNWE has invested in Mortons Lane Wind Farm – Goldwind’s first Australian project. This project has been developed due to the support of the Australian Government’s renewable energy target” said Goldwind Australia Managing Director Mr. John Titchen.

The Mortons Lane Wind Farm will house 13 Goldwind GW82/1.5 wind turbines (82m rotor diameter, each unit is rated at 1.5MW capacity), generating 19.5 MW of renewable electricity. This installation is the first of its kind in Australia using Goldwind’s Permanent Magnet Direct Drive wind turbine technology. Goldwind Australia has its own Project Management Team overseeing the construction of the Mortons Lane project. The BoP and Principal Contractors role is being fulfilled by Consolidated Power Projects (CPP)
Mortons Lane also represent’s CGNWE’s first Australian renewable energy project.

CGNWE is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation., Ltd. (CGNPC). CGNWE focus on wind power development, construction and operation. It is one of the largest wind power developers in China, with total installed capacity over 3,000MW and registered capital of RMB¥ 9.3 billion. For more information, please visit

Gullen Range Wind Farm

6 May 2012

Gullen Range Wind Farm reached a major project milestone, on Monday 6 May, with the first delivery of Goldwind wind turbine components.

The 165.5MW Gullen Range Wind Farm is the second project supplied by Goldwind in Australia and the first application of 2.5MW scale Goldwind Permanent Magnet Direct Drive wind turbines in Australia. The now operating 19.5MW Mortons Lane Wind Farm in Victoria was the first project to use Goldwind wind turbines in Australia. Both projects have been developed in response to the Australian Renewable Energy Target.

The delivery of three turbine blades and tower section to the Gullen Range Wind Farm represent the beginning of a 28 week delivery period, which will see the transportation of components for 73 wind turbines.

The delivery was assisted by NSW Police escort vehicles and safety vehicles from National Transport Services (NTS). The project team would like to this opportunity to thank the NSW Police for their assistance in the transportation of the wind turbine components.

Prior to the delivery of the wind turbine components a number of road upgrade works were completed, including altering road alignments and widened corners. These works were undertaken for the safe, efficient movement of equipment and to minimise the length of time the road is occupied and lessen delays for road users.

Transport schedule:
Following consultation with NSW Police and the haulage contractor it has been agreed that deliveries of blades and tower sections will be limited to a maximum of five per day. These deliveries will be programmed to travel through Goulburn between 6am and 7am. Additional over-sized loads, carrying smaller components, will be transported at approximately midday with a maximum number
of 7 movements per day.

Key objectives of the schedule include:

  1. minimised disruption to road users, travelling along the haulage route to and from Goulburn and
  2. minimised disruption to road users travelling to schools, including school buses; and
  3. avoidance of the Goulburn morning peak hour traffic.

The project team will continue to consult with local stakeholders including schools, emergency services and other transport providers.

Road Upgrades and Construction Progress:

Kialla Road Upgrade Complete
The $2.3 million upgrade to Kialla Road is complete. Works have included the installation of guide markers, signage and other safety measures. The completion of this upgrade will provide the community of the Upper Lachlan Shire Council (ULSC) with improved quality roads, which requires significantly less maintenance from ULSC. The project team would like to thank the community for
their patience during these works.

Preparation of Bannister site foundations 86% complete Works at the Bannister section of Gullen Range Wind Farms, including the construction of onsite roads and foundations is nearing completion. In total, 37 foundations have now been poured with
sixteen, in the northern section of the site, remaining to be completed. As these works are completed the number of Project vehicles on Range Road will be substantially reduced. Works to repair dilapidation to Range Road will commence in the next two weeks. The reduced speed limit of 80kph will remain until Project completion.

Gurrundah Road upgrade commences the $1million upgrade to Gurrundah Road is due to commence shortly, with ULSC awarded the
contract to undertake these works.

Construction activities begin at ‘Gurrundah’ site Gurrundah site construction activities will commence in the next two weeks. These activities will include the establishment of site compounds and concrete batching plant. It is anticipated that the majority of Project activities will move south to the ‘Gurrundah’ site from the end of May 2013.
As works to build the southern section of the site commence there is expected to be an increase in traffic using the western section of Gurrundah Road and Mullins Creek Road. Installation of safety measures will be completed prior to the main works commencing. Motorists and other road users are advised to use caution when using these roads.

Keeping the community informed: The community may access regular updates through the weekly traffic notification placed on the project website each Friday. These updates provide information on:

• delivery schedule for the coming week;
• temporary road closures and diversions;
• traffic control ; and
• general information on the works being undertaken.

The Project team is committed to work closely with the community and stakeholders.