Goldwind recognises the Finkel Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market is a critical study into the challenges that the Australian energy sector confronts as it transforms into a lower emissions future.

Goldwind has joined Industry colleauges in an open letter urging leaders of all Australian political parties to avoid pre-emptively ruling on the recommendations delivered in the report before the community and industry have taken the time to fully digest them and provide a considered response.

See the full open letter here.

Goldwind Australia has been recognised as being a key contributor to significantly strengthening the investment relationship between Australia and China.

The Cross- Border Investment Award was presented at the 24th Annual AustCham Westpac Australia-China Business Awards Gala Dinner (see photo below). This award recognises a specific investment transaction (or series of transactions) undertaken over the past year by an Australian or Chinese company or consortium that has significantly strengthened the investment relationship between Australia and Greater China.

See 24th Annual AustCham Westpac Australia-China Business Awards Winners Announced media release for further details.

From left, Richard Coote – Deputy Consul General (Commercial), Senior Trade Commissioner (shanghai), National Manager – CHINA, John Titchen – Managing Director of Goldwind Australia and Ning Chen – Vice President Investment.

White Rock Solar Farm

10 May 2017

Goldwind today announced that White Rock Solar Farm in northern NSW has achieved Financial Close.

‘The award of a large-scale solar competitive grant by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has led to White Rock Solar Farm achieving Financial Close. The ARENA large scale solar initiative has been successful in stimulating strong competition and innovation among Australian solar projects.’ Said Laura Jeffrey, Development Manager for the project.

White Rock Solar Farm will be a 20 MW AC solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant located adjacent to the northern end of White Rock Wind Farm, 18 km west of Glen Innes. The development is a solar-wind hybrid renewable energy facility for the New England Tablelands. It is expected to generate around 44,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity in the first year of operation, enough to supply the equivalent of approximately 7,200 average NSW homes.

The project is designed to benefit significantly from sharing part of the wind farm infrastructure, including the grid connection and access tracks. Co‑location of wind and solar provides numerous benefits such as complementary energy generation patterns, and reduced environmental impacts and project cost.

‘The opportunity to share wind farm infrastructure maximises the use of available facilities without requiring construction of additional facilities elsewhere, this is estimated to unlock over $5 million of savings.’ Said Laura.

The project investment of $41.4 million benefits from $5.4 million funding support provided by ARENA through its large-scale solar competitive round. The remaining funding consists of $25 million debt from the Agricultural Bank of China Limited Sydney Branch and $11 million equity from Goldwind.

Construction is planned to commence in July 2017, with a target for completion in January 2018. The main engineering, procurement and construction contract has been awarded to UGL, a member of the CIMIC Group. The project expects to employ up to 75 people on site at its construction peak and 3 people as ongoing operational and maintenance staff.

Like the White Rock Wind Farm, the project will launch a Local Business Participation Program as a key initiative to identify capacity in the local community and maximise opportunities for local suppliers to participate in the project.

White Rock Solar is Goldwind’s second wind-solar hybrid project following the 10MW Gullen Solar project which is now at an advanced stage of construction.

8 May 2017

Xinjiang Goldwind (Goldwind) announced it has agreed to purchase the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm project in Victoria, Australia from Origin Energy. The Stockyard Hill Wind Farm power purchase agreement is the largest wind farm power purchase agreement in Australia.

See full media release here.

White Rock Wind Farm

3 May 2017

On Saturday 29 April, White Rock Wind Farm played host to some lucky members of the local community
who saw first-hand the scale of the construction underway.

Three of the site visit attendees were community representatives for the WRWF Community Consultative
Committee (CCC). The CCC community representatives’ role is to represent and communicate the
interests of the local community to White Rock Wind Farm. The purpose of the CCC is to provide a forum
for open discussion between representatives of White Rock Wind Farm, the community, local councils
and other stakeholders.

Sandra Royal, Local Representative for White Rock Wind Farm, said that showing the CCC community
representatives the construction site has increased their understanding of the project.

‘CCC community representatives have an important role in acting as an interface between the local
community and White Rock Farm. Having CCC community representatives on site allowed them to
experience first-hand the sheer scale and scope of the ongoing construction works and will assist them in
performing their important role.’ Said Sandra

The remaining site visit attendees were successful raffle winners from several local events including the
Glen Innes Show Jump, Glen Innes Club Rose Carnival and the Glen Innes Debutant Ball. The raffle prize
included a tour of the project site, personalised hi-vis safety vest, a model Goldwind turbine, and a photo
of their time on site.

‘White Rock Wind Farm aims to contribute to the community through support and sponsorship of local
community initiatives and events. Our donation of raffle prizes to several local events generated a lot of
interest and allowed these organisations to raise money towards their relevant causes.’ Said Sandra.

Site visit attendees were accompanied on site by Sandra, Stuart Hitchcock Project Construction Manager,
David Davies Health Safety Environment Quality Site Supervisor and other key site personnel.

‘As construction is underway, site visits such as these require substantial resources from the on-site team.
Safety is a number one priority and all attendees had a full safety induction before being escorted around
the site. Showing local community members a glimpse of the construction progress and answering
questions was a real pleasure’ said Stuart.

Construction of stage one of White Rock Wind Farm commenced in May 2016 and is aimed to be complete
by late 2017. 16 turbines are now installed and the grid connection is expected to be energised in June.

Moorabool Wind Farm

27 February 2017
Moorabool Wind Farm is proud to announce that it is the Official Association Partner for the Ballan Autumn Festival 2017. The Association has a strong history of supporting the community with over 40 years’ experience in delivering quality events that add to the economic and commercial opportunities for the Moorabool Shire and surrounding areas.

“In developing Moorabool Wind Farm, we aim to contribute to the community through support and sponsorship of community events. Today we are very pleased to announce our contribution as the Official Association Partner of the 2017 Ballan Autumn Festival. In the next month, we plan to open the Moorabool Wind Farm Information Centre in Ballan where members of the community can come and find out more about the wind farm as construction of the project nears. Further, the launching of the Local Business Participation Program will be a key initiative to maximise opportunities for local suppliers to participate in the project.” said John Titchen, Managing Director Goldwind Australia.

Goldwind Australia is now preparing the project for construction under an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract with Moorabool Wind Farm. Goldwind Australia plans to start on site during 2017, with the latest model of Goldwind’s advanced technology wind turbines planned to be installed. Goldwind Australia’s involvement in the project will continue after construction by operating and maintaining the wind farm.

The project received planning approval from the Victorian Planning Minister for up to 107 turbines in October 2010. The project is divided into the Northern Bungletap section of up 50 turbines and the Southern Ballark section of up to 57 turbines.