Goldwind’s Sale of Mortons Lane Wind Farm and Goldwind First Turbine Erected in Australia

Goldwind Australia

19th June 2012

Goldwind Capital Australia and CGN Wind Energy (CGNWE) are pleased to announce the completion of the sale of Mortons Lane Wind Farm in Victoria, Australia and the achievement of key project milestones, including securing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and successful installation of the first Goldwind turbines.

The Morton’s Lane project, located in Western Victoria, is the first Australian installation of Goldwind wind turbines and represents a significant step in the company’s Australian plans.

“Goldwind is very pleased that CGNWE has invested in Mortons Lane Wind Farm – Goldwind’s first Australian project. This project has been developed due to the support of the Australian Government’s renewable energy target” said Goldwind Australia Managing Director Mr. John Titchen.

The Mortons Lane Wind Farm will house 13 Goldwind GW82/1.5 wind turbines (82m rotor diameter, each unit is rated at 1.5MW capacity), generating 19.5 MW of renewable electricity. This installation is the first of its kind in Australia using Goldwind’s Permanent Magnet Direct Drive wind turbine technology. Goldwind Australia has its own Project Management Team overseeing the construction of the Mortons Lane project. The BoP and Principal Contractors role is being fulfilled by Consolidated Power Projects (CPP)
Mortons Lane also represent’s CGNWE’s first Australian renewable energy project.

CGNWE is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corporation., Ltd. (CGNPC). CGNWE focus on wind power development, construction and operation. It is one of the largest wind power developers in China, with total installed capacity over 3,000MW and registered capital of RMB¥ 9.3 billion. For more information, please visit