Gullen Range Wind Farm

2 March 2014

Gullen Range Wind Farm (GRWF) has carefully focused on complying with the Development Approval.

The project approval authorises the construction of the wind turbines in the locations identified in the environmental assessment but those locations may be subject to “minor relocation”.

The Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DOPI) approved the Construction and Environmental Management Plan in 2012.

There have been multiple consistency reviews which have been produced or endorsed by the Environmental Representative whose appointment was approved by the DOPI. These reviews have confirmed consistency of the final layout with the Development Approval, confirming that the project impacts are consistent with the impacts assessed in the Development Approval.

An independent expert evaluation of visual impacts assessed that:

“ The minor alterations in arrangement are barely discernable even when the two layouts are compared one above the other. In reality once construction is completed there would be no discernable difference to any viewer.”

The noise management plan was submitted as part of the operational environmental management plan which has been approved by the DOPI. The noise management plan demonstrates compliance with the relevant noise guidelines with the final layout.

The project is now well progressed with production commencing in December 2013 and construction completion due in the middle of 2014. Delivery of wind turbine major components to site was recently completed.

The DOPI has requested that a 75W application be lodged to address concerns with some of the turbine locations. GRWF is cooperating with the DOPI on this process.

Last week GRWF voluntarily stopped work erecting turbines that were listed by the DOPI.