Open Day at White Rock Wind Farm

White Rock Wind Farm

4 November 2017

White Rock Wind Farm held its first Wind Farm Open Day on Saturday 4 November 2017. Over 1400 interested community members and visitors from across the region experienced firsthand the scale of the Goldwind wind turbines generators installed at White Rock Wind Farm, 20 km west of Glen Innes. See here for a short clip of the event.

Crowds gathered from as early as 8am, at old Glen Innes Railway Station to take one of 30 chartered buses to White Rock Wind Farm. Local band, The Abbies, entertained crowds, while the local Lioness catering van provided burgers and drinks. Visitors received a goodie bag full of tourist information for events during the weekend, showcasing what the district has to offer.

Onboard the bus with a White Rock Wind Farm guide, visitors could ask questions about the project that is currently in the final commissioning stage. Once on site, groups were able to stand underneath a turbine, and were provided explanations of the how the turbines work by the wind farm Operations Manager and technicians.

Sandra Royal, Local Representative for the White Rock Wind Farm project, said the Open Day was an opportunity to thank the local community for the ongoing support of the project.

‘It has been a great pleasure to show everyone White Rock Wind Farm. The local communities across the district have been very supportive of the project throughout construction.  It is only fitting that we provided this opportunity to thank everyone for their support’ said Sandra.

‘We would also like to thank all the people and businesses directly involved in making the event possible. These include Glen Innes Rotary, Glen Innes Lionesses, SES, Ben Lomond Community Memorial Hall Committee, Glen Innes Bus Service, The Abbies, Steven Wright, Daniel Hayden, Glen Innes Waste, Ben Lomond RFS and the Glen Innes Severn Council’ said Sandra.

Construction of stage one of White Rock Wind Farm commenced in May 2016, work on site is now focused on the final commissioning of wind turbine generators. The wind farm aims to be fully operational by the end of 2017.