For more than two decades Goldwind has been Innovating for a Brighter Tomorrow. The Goldwind 5S MW PMDD platform is part of that innovative future. The GW5S turbine – featuring rated capacities of 5.2 and 5.6 MW and a rotor diameter of 165 meters – is a direct evolution of Goldwind’s portfolio of wind turbine generators that offer best-in-class energy production, smarter controls, and industry-leading availability.

Smart features. The GW5S includes digital smart sensing and strategic sensors to monitor key components, enabling predictive diagnostics and precision control. The single-turbine and site-level self-learning optimisation algorithm, enables autonomous optimisation of power generation performance.

High reliability. The gearless PMDD drivetrain design eliminates the possibility of gear failure during the operational life of the turbine. Goldwind’s proprietary toothed belt pitch drive system simplifies pitch system maintenance requirements. The GW5S is a direct evolution of the 3S and 4S wind turbines, Goldwind’s mature platforms.

Highly adaptable.

The GW5S is highly adaptable to an array of project locations. Features include:

  • Load shedding technology: based on advanced sensing to optimise performance.
  • Grid adaptability: excellent zero, low and high voltage ride-through capabilities, and compliance with global standards of operation and grid connection.
  • Maintenance adaptability: dual circuit design generator and converter enables partial operation when one circuit is compromised.
  • Environment adaptability: flexible operation modes enable adaptation to extreme environmental conditions such as high and low temperature, noise constraints, and challenging wind conditions.

GW 165-5.2/5.6/6.0MW Product Brochure