Wind Power to Fix Roads at Gullen Range Wind Farm

Gullen Range Wind Farm

29 October 2014

Gullen Range Wind Farm (GRWF) has reached agreement with Upper Lachlan Shire Council (ULSC) and Goulburn Mulwaree Council (GMC) to repair local roads used to access the wind farm during construction.

GRWF have committed a total of $5.8 million in local road improvements including this final investment, which comes as construction of the wind farm draws to a close and the number of traffic movements is markedly reduced.

Tom Frood, EPC Manager at GRWF, said: “Throughout construction, GRWF has been committed to repairing dilapidation to local roads caused by wind farm traffic and this agreement is a positive step towards achieving that.

“We’d like to thank local residents for their patience during construction of Gullen Range Wind Farm. We firmly believe that we will leave the road in a better condition and that it will require less maintenance than it was before the project commenced.

“The agreed repairs and improvements will greatly benefit those who regularly use Range Road. Gullen Range Wind Farm is very pleased to have reached agreement with Upper Lachlan Shire Council and Goulburn Mulwaree Council, and we look forward to working together to complete the repairs.”

John Bell, General Manager at ULSC, said in September: “It is with great satisfaction that we can announce the agreement with Gullen Range Wind Farm this week for repairs to council roads accessing the wind farm.

“Gullen Range Wind Farm has worked closely with our roads team to secure a broad scope of repair work and provide adequate financial contribution. The agreement covers the requirements of the Project Approval to the satisfaction of Upper Lachlan Shire Council.”

Andrew Palmer, Manager Works at GMC, said: “The proposed works in GMC will ensure that Range Road and Chinaman’s Lane are in great condition as construction of Gullen Range Wind Farm is finished. The council supports the use of local contractors where possible, ensuring the benefits are retained locally.”

The agreement reflects GRWF’s commitment to repairing dilapidation of local roads caused by heavy vehicles and increased traffic during construction. In Upper Lachlan Shire the Council will perform the reconstruction works, while repairs in Goulburn Mulwaree will be managed by Gullen Range Wind Farm using local contractors. The repairs will be completed by the end of April 2015. Roadworks will include reinstatement or reconstruction of certain sections of Range Road, Chinaman’s Lane, Mullins Creek Road, Bannister Lane and Storriers Lane.

Over 9km of Range Road will be repaired, using a combination of complete reconstruction, patching, full-width patching, shoulder repairs and resealing. The existing sealed section on Bannister Lane will be repaired and resealed. The site access from Range Road into Bannister South section of the Wind Farm will undergo drainage improvement and sealing work. The Kialla Road and Range Road intersection will be realigned to ULSC and GRWF requirements.

The repair work will be carried out in conjunction with the removal and replacement of a number of low-level causeways, which have been a concern for road users and will be replaced with culverts. A separate contract has been negotiated for this work. This will result in a better experience for road users on Kialla Road, Range Road and Bannister Lane.